What if you could add an extra million dollar to your bottom line this year?

Let's take a look at the math here on some different price points:

$25 product x 40,000 customers = $1,000,000

$50 product x 20,000 customers = $1,000,000 

$100 product x 10,000 customers = $1,000,000 

$1,000 product x 1,000 customers = $1,000,000 

$10,000 product x 100 customers = $1,000,000

When you understand how to sell High-Ticket products and services you only need 100 good clients to generate an additional million dollars in your business. 

It takes about the same effort (with a few tweaks) to sell a High-Ticket product as it does to sell a low-ticket (low margin) product. 

In most cases the difference is simply having the confidence to present an attractive offer with exceptional value to your customers at a premium price. 

This exclusive training is devoted to the psychology, creation, execution and implementation of selling High-Ticket products and services.


  • The 4 Keys to selling High Ticket products and services while actually working less. When you sell High Ticket you can work less, fail more often than you succeed, and STILL make 3-5 times MORE than your competitors. Here’s how to sell premium products and services without working harder
  • What High Ticket Buyers Actually Want. They DON’T buy prevention, features, products, or services. Sell any of these and they’ll run like mad. Here’s the 5 surprising things they DO buy. (For a quick win: Mention them in your ads and on your next sales call to increase your sales immediately)
  • Why low prices may actually HURT your sales. 20% - 30% of clients in ANY market want the best, not the cheapest. (That’s why airlines sell “first-class” tickets at more than double the price of “cattle-class” even though the destination is the same… and… why women buy $5,000 handbags that do the same job as a $130 handbag.) Here's how to use this “first-class” phenomenon to collect higher fees today 
  • 3 Deadly lies many entrepreneurs believe about High Ticket that could be costing you a fortune. If you're not sure about charging High-Ticket… or the idea slightly scares you… you’re probably a victim of at least one of these deadly lies. The first is all the excuses you make for not “going premium” like “I’m just getting started”… or “my business and clients are different”. The other 2 lies are just as devastating but easy to fix when you know how
  • The 1 type of client you want and the 3 types to avoid like the plague. WARNING: High Ticket buyers are cashed up, they prefer buying premium products and services, and price is NEVER the issue. Here's the problem: 2 of the other types of buyers also have plenty of cash but YOU DON’T WANT THEM. Here’s why and how to recognize and attract the right clients like crazy
  • A simple “test” you can try today to double or triple your fees without missing sales. Most business owners think they have to slash their prices or run a “sale” to get more clients. They don't realize they are sitting on an untapped gold-mine of profit potential with High Ticket offers. Here’s how to quickly test premium offers without risk of losing clients 
  • The ONLY THING you need to show your clients (in your ads and sales presentations) to get them to say “yes” to your High Ticket offers. It’s NOT the product, service, features or even the benefits. It’s NOT a promise of results or ROI. Use this and they will INSTANTLY see you as the only viable solution and pay above market fees to own what you are selling
  • A simple way to add $10k a month to your revenue when clients say “No”. It's true. I’ve found a way to profit from clients who say no. It takes far less time than selling to clients who say “yes” and can add a profitable stream of revenue to cover overheads or even add another team member to your business without extra cost or risk to you
  • Plus much, MUCH more



People call Dan Lok the “King of High Ticket”.
Dan Lok is a globally respected entrepreneur mentor, and one of the world’s most watched, followed, and quoted social media influencers with over 9 million followers across his brands. (3 million fans on Facebook, 4 million YouTube subscribers, and 2 million Instagram fans).

Dan has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Money, Business Insider, Tedx, and on major television networks.
He has interviewed Founder Jeff Hoffman, Sprout CEO Cindy Eckert (sold her company for $1 billion dollars) and many other celebrities and industry leaders on his acclaimed podcast - The Dan Lok Show.
Dan is also the managing partner of DragonX Capital. DragonX Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in seed and early-stage companies outside of Silicon Valley.
Dan Lok is one of the most recognized entrepreneur mentors in the world, having built a coaching + consulting enterprise that has collectively sold over $100+ million dollars worth of coaching programs, digital courses and high-value services online.
Today, he’s also the Chairman of Dragon 100™: the premier advisory group for entrepreneurs generating 7- and 8-figure revenues.
Many of the world’s leading thought leaders, coaches and influencers like Joe Vitale, Michael Gerber, Brian Tracy, Sandra Yancey, Brandon Carter, Vince Del Monte trust Dan to help them to grow their businesses to scale, increase their revenues by millions of dollars, and become the leaders they were always meant to be.

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